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Atlas City is dead. Long live New Babel!

After the great war, most of Atlas City was destroyed. Survivors fled to the outskirts seeking safer areas and haphazardly organized into multicultural settlements. Gradually, old Atlas City became known as Ghost Town, seeming to be inhabited only by spirits. Despite this, some decided to rebuild the less damaged areas and restart their lives there. These were dark years filled with poverty and lawlessness.

After a decade of hardships, society began to heal. The caste system crumbled, losing its relevance: Citizens and Dalits intermingled, erasing any distinctions. Over time, a new society rebuilt the city: first by reviving agriculture in surrounding areas, and then by restoring the once-mighty heavy industry.

Forty years post-destruction (year 40 dA), the city was refounded as New Babel. Yet, the common folk still disparagingly referred to it as Ghost Town. Shortly after, in year 46 dA, the city’s boundaries expanded, founding the Federal Republic of New Babel.

The republic’s inception coincided with an era of unparalleled expansion. For the first time, Dalit descendants with business acumen prospered, joining the city’s elite. Thus, a new bourgeoisie, mainly composed of historically enslaved families, emerged.

Despite its growth, the 1st Republic was also a time of stark inequalities. Luxurious avenues and boulevards coexisted with sheer misery. As a result, massive protests and confrontations with the police became constant towards the end of the 1st Century dA.

The May Siblings: Suzan and Alan

In the year 67 dA, twins Suzan and Alan May were born, destined to become legendary martyrs of the fight against New Babel’s social injustices. Born in a working-class neighborhood, they were children of humble origins. Alan was brilliant in almost every field, exhibiting great oratory and leadership skills, while Suzan stood out for her deep knowledge and early writing passion, though she was more reserved and diplomatic than her brother.

The Mays grew inseparable until university, where they quickly gained notoriety among student movements. Concurrently, they began writing for local newspapers and publishing their social essays. Their commitment to the city’s working-class cause led them to join the main activist group, the “Red Freedom” union.

In the year 92 dA, young Suzan and Alan took charge of Red Freedom, becoming its public faces. Under their leadership, Red Freedom orchestrated the most massive protests seen to date, challenging New Babel’s authorities, who a year earlier had implemented laws blatantly unfavorable to the city’s workers.

To resolve the situation, the republic’s government invited Alan May for negotiations, offering social improvements and amnesties if protests ceased. This was a ruse to corner and arrest him should he decline their terms. Upon Alan’s refusal to sign the government’s proposal, he was imprisoned for «high treason.»

Following Alan’s unjust imprisonment, confrontations between Red Freedom and the police escalated, marking episodes of violence that drove a wedge between the siblings. Hatred consumed Alan in jail, making him adopt more aggressive stances against New Babel’s powers. In contrast, Suzan advocated for non-violent protests, leading to continuous ideological and strategic disputes.

Despite their disagreements, Suzan tried to free her brother, even risking her life confronting New Babel’s security forces.

After Suzan secured Alan May’s release, a new character emerges: young Arkady, who becomes Suzan May’s disciple and the hope for newer generations.

Letras «Tales From New Babel»

The Ghost Town


Take me, take me from this place.
Take me somewhere else far, far away.
Take me, take me from this place.
Take me to somewhere else.

The future’s here, (or so the say):
Don’t miss this train to the Ghost Town,
No time to play or fool around,
This could be your last chance

Do you remember those days we were young?
All your secrets and dreams of light,
Now can’t you hear that silent cry?
It will haunt you for life…

It’s nice to be in this fancy maze
Let days go by, but pay your rents
Please be prepared, one day you’ll see

That everybody is living a lie
Deep inside we all know it’s a lie
But everybody believes it…
In our soul we all know it’s a lie

But everybody believes it…
Everybody is living a lie
Everybody believes it
Everybody is living a lie
Everybody believes it…

The Fall

I’m falling down
Into my darkest night,
I know it’s tricky, but I’ll do it… I will see the sunrise!
It’s all right!

Some say: “it could happen to you”
Well, it has happened to me,
I can’t do this without you…
You got me baby,
You got me baby,
You got me baby by your side.

Every time I walk this lonely street,
I can lean on my friends; they’re always walking with me,
I know inside: I will rise again,
The black clouds will fade away,
This pain will not be in vain.

Every time I walk this lonely street,
I can lean on my friends; they’re always walking with me,
I know inside: I will rise again,
I promise to myself
that I’ll never give up.

Suzan May

Isolate your eyes
And you’ll glimpse the stars that shine for you,
For always and forever…
While everybody’s sleeping
Isolate your eyes,
Go find your freedom, just fly the coop
At last you’ll reach a place beyond forever

Take me back in time,
I’m ready to leave this town,
Plastic waves drown me in my mind
I’m leaving all behind,
This is the last time I will step on this land,
My wings will cover the sky.
Everybody sings the same old song…
Everybody sings the same old song…
Can you feel it little Suzan? X2
It is written in the moonlight X2

Fly and breathe through the air,
Till the day you can live in full freedom,
Every day you can dream awake,
If you follow your heart, not your reason.

Interlude: Arkady’s Dream


Everybody’s alone in this lost generation,
Inside a prison of stone 
That is hidden below the heart of this nation,
! Get ready!
New days will come
And soon we gonna see the light
But it’s taking too long…
Why’s it taking too long?

I can see that the end is near 
Are they just illusions in my mind?
Everytime I try to take control,

I lose myself, and demons drag me down.
Soon this nation will fall,
I can feel it…
Come on tell me: "things gonna be allright" 
But it’s taking too long…
Why’s it taking too long?

The Pyre

Hold me tight,
Don’t you let me down,
I’m gonna leave this world, I’m ready…
I don’t wanna see you cry…  
“What’s that?” “What’s that?

 It’s time to leave behind      
All the dreams I have inside
I can feel!
I can feel this fire!
Burning down my spine…

A New Beginning

Daddy’s gone… no one’s gonna hold you by your hand,
Just because you’re lost, it doesn’t mean you’ll fall apart…
Make up your mind before
You leave behind this lonely town,
The truth you’re looking for…
Is floating around!

You gotta move on! X2 You better move on, feel the future!
You gotta move on! X5 You better move on, feel the future!
You gotta move X2! You gotta move on!

It’s time to go… so take a look around and say goodbye.
Pack your things and runaway,
You better live before you die…
One day you’ll reach the shore,
Don’t be afraid before you start,
The truth you’re looking for…
Is floating around!

Are you gonna take it? you gotta move! X3

You gotta move

Interlude: Alan’s Death


Just keep your mind relaxed, and pray for salvation.
No time to feel the fright again…
Now run to the station!
Can you see that light?
Burning down the sky?
While you cross the streets of fire…
Running for your life,
You can hear them cry:
“Not this way!”

-And everybody’s shaking, the sky is breaking …
I won’t let you down!
And fall to the ground!
Cause’ I know that you always will be there… Yeah!
And everybody’s saying: “They’ll never gonna make it”
I won’t let you fall,
And die on the ground!
I won’t let you fall down… yeahhh

This is the end; this is the final day… X4
Somebody’s gotta pray…
Please, somebody’s gotta pray…

Epilogue: Requiem for New Babel